أهلاً وسهلاً ومرحباً بكم إلى موقع
العربية الفصحى المعاصرة
المرحلة المتقدّمة – المتميّزة

This free website is designed to accompany the Modern Standard Arabic: Advanced to Superior Level textbook (AMSAS). It was produced at the University of Michigan Language Resource Center (LRC) by AMSAS authors with the support of LRC instructional technology experts led by Johnathon Beals and Ahmed Farahat, a Ph.D candidate in Arabic Linguistics in the Department of Middle East Studies. Navid Hayeri and Jacob Weiss provided assistance in downloading and scanning of the reading and listening comprehension texts, audio and video material during the early stage of the website development. The website includes lexical and grammar notes, recordings of the reading aloud passages in lessons 1 – 15 and the basic texts of Lessons 16 – 20, authentic reading and listening comprehension passages, audios and videos that have thematic unity with the basic texts in the lessons, in addition to the Diacritic Signs addendum to the book introduction.